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You Can Find A Good Black Salon Easily in Charlotte

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When it comes to Black Salons in Charlotte NC, there is no doubt and hands down, Salon Finder Magazine carries the most informative information around. If you just moved to the Charlotte area and your stylist is hundreds or thousands of miles away but you need your hair done today, how do you trust someone with your beautiful hair locs?


If you would like, you could walk up to a complete stranger and compliment them on their hair and hope that the person does not take it the wrong way, that’s how people did it back in the day, that’s called the word of mouth.


Now, the new word of mouth is Salon Finder Magazine, one of the largest quality and professional Black Hair Salon directory for North Carolina. People are finding it a lot easier to find a good quality Natural Hair Salons, Black Salons, African Hair Braiding Salons, Dominican Hair Salons, at their finger tips.


Now you can see numerous of hair styles photos from Stylist from all over the city of Charlotte and North Carolina, you will know the history of the stylist and its salon and also pick the nearest salon to you.


So if your in need of a new hair style, make and appointment today through Salon Finder Magazine, our salon members are all licensed and eagerly waiting to give you the best hair do’s, hair braids, blow-outs, relaxer, colors, hair weaves and extensions, natural hair maintenance and more

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Hair Braiding vs Hair Relaxers

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Hair Braiding vs Hair Relaxers


The modern woman is faced with making a decision each time she steps foot into a salon. Braiding and relaxers are among those choices while each is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Braiding will generally cut the cost of your salon bill. A one-time visit will most likely cost more than $100, although that style will last for at least a couple of months. Weekly hair appointments can become quite costly as women have a hard time relaxing their credit cards when salon visits are frequent.


Braiding is also a protective style that promotes the growth of your hair. It is often viewed as a healthy alternative as no heat or coloring damages the hair while in braids. And hair growth is usually quite noticeable once the braids are removed.


Relaxers take a completely different approach in that they permanently straighten hair. A key factor to keep in mind when using a relaxer is to make sure your hair is properly maintenanced. That entails the constant use of deep conditioners, hair moisturizers and getting regular trims to ensure the health of your hair.


Deciding on braids or relaxers ultimately comes down to a matter of preference. However, there is a lot more risk involved with relaxers. Braiding is trending more and more nowadays as lots of women are opting to grow out their relaxers. Braiding can also serve as a transitional phase when women are on their way toward a more natural style.


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Sista Hair

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I just recently move to Charlotte NC and everything seems to be okay except my hair! Sure they are tons of Salons out there, but when it comes down to my hair and especially for a Afro American women from NYC, I’m use to seeing a Dominican Salon on every corner  or not to far away, not to mention a lot of these Salons are open till 10:00pm on Saturdays and most of the time 7 days a week. But with all that being said, you would think I mean  all Dominican Salons does a  great job on black folks hair, this is a yes and no. There are Dominican Salons that do an average job and they are some that will do a fantastic job, The way I’ve always found out is by word of mouth or just walking by the Dominican Salons in NYC and basically if it’s at least 4 to 5 Afro American women in the shop on a Friday morning or Saturday, that pretty much mean they are doing something correct, because if they wasn’t,   Afro American women, Black women, Sistas will not be in there. So that leaves me with this, the word of mouth for Dominican Salons in Charlotte NC is not reassuring or lack there of, or maybe black women, Afro American women or my Sista’s in the South are really not that particular on Dominican Salons like my Sista’s  up North.

But I have not despaired, I recently stumbled across an up north Dominican style Salon in Charlotte NC, I found it in , did I mention they also have a video for this salon. So I first went by just to make sure it wasn’t just a whole bunch of hype, and guess what I saw when I went there on a early Saturday morning, at least five Sistas getting there hair done, 2 getting wraps and the other 3 under blow dryers, I all most forgot to give the name of the salon, it’s Carmen Unisex – 4801 North Tryon Charlotte North Carolina, I’ll keep you posted.

Black Hair Salons in Charlotte North Carloina , Black Salon Blog

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