Great News For African Hair Braiders in Charlotte and NC

Great News For African Hair Braiders in Charlotte and NC

The Governor has signed a House Bill (1133) to remove the exam requirement for any Natural Hair Care Specialist ” or African Hair Braiders, who has been practicing the art and skills of natural hair care since July 1, 2010. All African Hair Braiders still have to apply for licensure before the 1st of July 2015. African Hair Braiding Salons and Shops that performs service of natural hair care, needs to provide and submit proof to the board, that they have been performing service since July 1, 2010 or before. After the date of 1st of July 2015 all unlicensed African Hair Braiders of Charlotte and North Carolina, have to go to a licensed Cosmetic Arts of Natural Hair Care School. They must complete at least 300 hours of natural hair care training and graduate, prior to taking examination, the examination cause about $20. For more information about this Natural Hair Law “African Hair Braiding, just click link below or visit our beautiful hair braiding salons.

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